Bethany Rose Artin is the pen name for a Nova Scotia writer of romance novels.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and, according to a school memories book, I wanted to be an author at an early age. It was years later before I published a few small things here and there. Around 2010 I became more serious about writing, started several projects, and have had some modest success. I write fiction and non-fiction, in different styles and subject areas.

A few years after I became serious about writing, I started reading romance novels. I’d read Sweet Dreams novels and other YA romance in high school, as well as science-fiction and fantasy, but did little reading while busy with university and family. When I returned to reading, I discovered I loved romance novels, though some more than others. I started reviewing them to help me understand what I liked and did not like, and decided to write what I liked. To keep my romantic fiction separate from my other writing projects, I use a pen name.

I have several contemporary romance novels in various stages of completion. I’m sorting out my preferred heat level, but it leans toward sweet – not necessarily chaste, but mostly closed door. I also write poems, which have appeared in Open Heart Forgery.

I used to review every romance I read on my blog, and I still review some here. Select Book Reviews in the Menu. Now I do most reviews on Goodreads. I also blog on writing and romance in general. I’m on Twitter, and have a page on Facebook.